JAROLIFT most popular provider in the area of solar protection systems


Top in customer satisfaction: Jalousiescout brand JAROLIFT was honored as Germany’s most popular provider of solar protection systems with the Life & Living Consumer Award by the German Institute for Service and Quality.

A safe haven and now, thanks to working at home, quite often the center of our everyday working life – a home defines a person’s existence. But what does the home environment look like? What companies and brands meet demands and expectations in this area? What products and services ensure the greatest satisfaction? A customer survey by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) reveals the most popular providers right now.

Around 89% of customers would shop here again

Customers rated a total of 581 brands and companies from 45 industries in the area of home and garden; the best were named “Germany’s most popular providers”, securing the “Life & Living Award”. Markus Hamer, Managing Director of the German Institute for Service and Quality: “From the consumer perspective, the majority of the industries is well positioned overall. More than 82 percent of the respondents indicated they were satisfied with the rated companies and brands. That around 89 percent would choose the same provider or brand again in the future speaks for an astonishingly high level of customer loyalty.”

Focus on overall satisfaction with the brand

As part of the population-representative consumer survey conducted by an online panel, around 40,000 customers addressed three main factors. On the one hand, the focus was placed on overall satisfaction with the brand/company, made up of aspects such as trust, value for money, image, range of services, packaging, customer service and product or service quality. The intention to purchase from the brand/company again and recommend them also played a role in the overall result. The final rating included 404 companies/brands that received at least 80 customer votes each.

Publication naming the source: German Institute for Service Quality (Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität)/ntv

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